Halloween Candy for Heroes

November 1, 2017


Did you have a Happy Halloween? We braved the wind and the chill on all Hallows Eve and headed to Trick or Treat Street in Frisco. Everyone out and about had wonderful costumes (it’s always great for getting ideas on next year!) and the Next Page Books & Nosh had the BEST Wizard of Oz theme and display. Did your little goblins collect enough candy to charge them up all night long and have a week long stomach ache? If so, Operation Gratitude is happy to take some of it off your hands!

For those of you who don’t know, Operation Gratitude sends care packages to deployed troops and first responders. Last year, they sent our heroes 533,891 pounds of candy! That’s amazing and you can help them beat that record by donating your leftover candy from November 1 – 6 at the following Frisco locations: Stork & Bear, The Peak School, The Frisco/Copper Information Center and Summit County Pre-school.  If none of these wonderful places are nowhere near you, check out this handy site Operation Gratitude Map for a place that is. Oh and avoid the tears, make sure your goblin is on board with donating, unless of course you’re trying to get on Jimmy Kimmel this year.

You might considering throwing in some toothbrushes and floss too! We don’t want our heroes to get tooth decay. Thanks for supporting Operation Gratitude (you can donate throughout the year) and Happy November.