Let it Snow! Let it Snow. Let it Snow?

January 24, 2017


Frisco Historic Park over the weekend, compliments of Summit Daily News.

2017 has just begun and Mother Nature has already blessed (or cursed) the High Country with a plethora of snow. 9 News Colorado reported at the beginning of the month that we may see the snowiest January in 100 years. Just last week CBS Denver reported on Frisco running out of snow storage from our barrage of snow and today, another storm has moved in and taken up residence until about Wednesday. Truly we never really know what Mother Nature has in mind but if you check out the OpenSnow report, you’ll definitely be better informed about where the best powder is and what you may expect at your resort destination.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of sculpting week for the 27th International Snow Sculpting Championships in Breckenridge. This year China, Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, India, Italy, Mexico, Mongolia, Sweden, Turkey, USA-Breckenridge, USA-Loveland, USA-Vermont and USA-Wisconsin will spend the next 5 days sculpting 25 ton blocks of snow into incredible masterpieces.  There is a wonderful article about the event on Breck Connections, you can check it out here: Snowy Art. You can meander around the Riverwalk Center to catch a glimpse of the creative process or you can wait until Saturday the 28th when viewing week begins.

Whatever your plans are for this week, stay safe, plan ahead and have fun!